jueves , 17 enero 2019
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Facebook para BlackBerry actualizado en versión beta

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Nueva versión beta del cliente nativo para Facebook de BlackBerry, preparen para bajar.

Research In Motion lanzó la actualización del beta de Facebook for BlackBerry 3.1 a versión .16.

Entre las mejoras según RIM incluye:

The following issues have been fixed and implemented in Facebok for BlackBerry smartphones version

  • Facebook for BlackBerry doesn’t receive notifications
  • Groups wall not showing all posts
  • The load more comments button was not available in some circumstances, making older comments inaccessible
  • Photos on Group Wall does not open to correct photo
  • If a post to a group fails the resend from notification does not resend
  • Group icons do not match the icons that are displayed on the Facebook website
  • Opening Groups from the Navigation Grid multiple times opens multiple Group list screens
  • Facebook notification did not show on device today view after SIMs swapping
  • Did not get event invitation push notification
  • Likes count incorrect in Likes list if launched from stagnant comment screen
  • Likes and comment numbers of Group wall post did not persist after reopening the Group profile
  • Likes on picture does not always appear when accessing posts from message inbox notification of likes
  • Page profile is treated as non-friend profile in people like list
  • “Disable Public Photo Sharing” IT policy did not apply if user uploading photo from media app
  • “View null’s Profile”/”View Photos of null” when invoking GCM or BB menu on a Group photo
  • Hindi EULA appears to be missing the first paragraph (possibly more)
  • Wrong error message is shown for child (parental) protection policy
  • Device jumps back up on screen while scrolling in Facebook for BlackBerry in case the image is longer then what can fit on the screen.
  • Friends list profile photos very large on low resolution device – only two friends visible

Puedes ver si participas del beta visitando el Beta Zone.

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